Way to Bee

Welcome to Way To Bee, your ultimate one-stop shop for all things about bees! We’ll tell you everything you wanted to know about bees and more, from bee behaviour to bee movie reviews.


Why bees? Bees are amazing little creatures that are more complex than they appear. Sure, they bumble around from flower to flower, collecting nectar and pollen along the way, but there’s more than meets the eye when you look inside the hive and try to understand their bee-haviour as they go about their day. We have much to learn from these marvellous insects and we can adopt these lessons in business, society and planning for the future, or just plain world domination. From communication to gathering resources to balancing autonomy and collaboration, bees are fascinating insects to study and in turn, we can do our part to help them while improving our own strategies in life.

Join us as we dive deeper into their universe and geek out along the way.