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New Bee-ginnings

Alyssa is a longtime bee enthusiast, first-time blogger who stumbled upon beekeeping through a career aptitude test. A language nerd at heart with an M. “Bee” A., Alyssa fell in love with bees in admiration of their capabilities and just all-around adorableness.

Jamie had a rather dramatic introduction to bees when a colony moved into the farmhouse she was living in at the time. A fan of weird experiences, she embraced her new roommates and the bee-witching world of bees. Jamie is a writer and travel junkie who enjoys telling anyone who will listen the cool thing she just learned about bees.  

Alyssa and Jamie bonded over their love of bees and all things nerdy. Their continuing mission is to explore the world of bees. To observe their habits and adaptations. To boldly go where no one has gone bee-fore.